We help our clients live safely and comfortably in their homes. We bring our clients peace of mind: they know their homes are being modified, cared for and managed by professionals. Their homes will retain and often increase in value over time. HomeKeepers is the premier consulting, design, improvement and home management company in the communities we serve.

Who can

 benefit from



  • Anyone who is considering renovations or additions and wants superior design and construction
  • Anyone who dreams of a new lifetime home that will meet their needs today as well as tomorrow
  • Anyone who wants to extend the time they can stay in their home by making improvements that will add value
  • Anyone who has better things to do than fix leaky pipes, climb ladders or supervise tradesmen, etc.
  • Those with a loved one who wants to remain home, but finds the house an increasing burden
  • Anyone who wants to make their home more welcoming and accessible for family members or friends who have trouble getting around
  • Anyone who wants to take the hassle out of home ownership

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